Front panel 96x96mm..
Communications RS485 Modbus
Measurement of current, voltage, active  apparent power, power factor,
   frequency and harmonic up to 31 st order and eta.
Simultaneously display 5 measurement values with 9 digits energy
Maximum Demand with Date and time stamp.
Energy Impart, Export Total ( Imp + Exp ), Net ( Imp - Exp )
Large screen LCD and clear display with backlight.
Programmable ratios for current and voltage transformers
Pulse output programmable
Accuracy class 0.2%
Digital input, Digital output, Relay limit alarm

Multifunction Digital Meter     Din panel, LCD display type

Multifunction Power Meter

Communications via Profibus-DP, LONWORKS or RS 485 (upon model)
Measurement of current, voltage, active, reactive and apparent power,
  power factor, line frequency and energy, harmonic up to 15
th order
Simultaneous display 4 measurement values with 9 digit energy
LED display for clearly and long distance from panel.
Storage of selected measurement values (continuous or events triggered
  recording of measurement values)
Programmable ratios for current and voltage transformers
Two limit value contacts (assigned as desired to measurement values)
2 analog output or 4 analog output depend on model.
2 pulse output or built-in memory for data logger depend on model.
Secondary Transformer Current    5 A or 1 A
Primary Transformer Current        1 A

AC Watt & Var Meter

Dimension 144x144, 120x120, 96x96, 80x80, 72x72, 48x48mm.
DIN43700, DIN43802, DIN43718, IEC1010, IEC473, IEC51, BS89
Polycarbonate, self extinguishing and drip-proof per UL94V-0
Rugged housing-non combustible, plastic-heat resistance.
Accuracy ± 1.5 % Or class1.0 Or customize.
90 Degree and 240 degree.
CT / 1 A. or CT / 5 A

Input voltage direct 100V, 110, 230, 240, 380, 415, 440V or request.
Input voltage PT connection 100, 110, 115, 120V ac or request.
Input current CT / 1A or CT / 5A .
and more detail see ordering information.