Substation Design

             TITAN can help you meet the challenges of growing loads and the increased requirements for metering, control and monitoring. We offer a wide range of substation and transmission facility design services, from 3.3 kV to 115 kV. Our staff has nationwide experience with substation and switchyard design for transmission and distribution voltages and for air and gas-insulated

             facilities. We can assist you through the entire design process, from initial system and facility review and planning, to detailed engineering, construction and commissioning.

TITAN substation design services include:

· System and facility review and planning.

· Site selection, planning and permitting.

· Preliminary project layout and design.

· Project schedules and budgets.

· Physical and equipment layout design.

· Air and gas-insulated bus and equipment design.

· Grounding calculation resistance and soil resistivity testing.

· Detailed specification for material, equipment and construction.

· Control and relay design and setting.

· Fault calculation & Protective relay Coordination

· SCADA and communications design, integration and testing.

· Metering system design.

· Substation project construction management.

· Project startup and commissioning.